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How fast will I see my keyword rankings go up?

That depends on the competition of the keyword you’re trying to rank. Clients typically see positive movement within their first month. It takes time to rank organically, especially in high competition niches.

Will I get penalised using your link building service?

No, we have not had a single client penalised due to our service. If you want to rank you must have links. Our process builds those links in the safest manner while still keeping the strategy affective.

Can I change my keywords / URL each month?

Sure, and we recommend doing just that every so often. Anchor text diversity is very important. Once we work on a set of keywords for your website you can switch it up with branded anchors. We’re very flexible.

What industries do you accept for this service?

Anything besides some gambling sites and we cannot accept adult.

What is your refund and cancelation policy?

You can cancel at the end of each month. We don’t bind you to any contracts like other SEO companies. Once we start our work we don’t offer cash refunds, that is unless we fail to deliver our reports by the end of the month.

Do you accept PayPal or Credit Cards?

Both PayPal and cards are accepted. When you pay for a package you will receive login details to your dashboard.

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